About Last Year

Lately, I’ve started each morning by reading my Feedly feed for a while before turning to my work. And just like every first-month on each year, I found recap post or year in review with wishes and resolutions here and there; and I was naturally tempted to make my own.

Long short story, yesterday I woke up and spent the day thinking about how the past 12 months had treated me and what I feel about it. Without the intention to sound cocky whatsoever, here goes the highlight of my 2016 —which most of you might not even be interested in.

farewell with the team

I moved. In late 2015, I realized that I need to find a new place, both to live and to work—and I did it. First, I moved from one department to another in my office which is good, really good. Then a month later, I decided to invest more in where I go home to after long hours at work. What a surprise to me it began a long series of packing in and out. I moved from one kostan-room to another in less than three months until I settled down in my current kostan.

And I was sick. One thing I hate about 2016 is because it successfully brought me down —much time. I couldn’t even finish my Ramadhan fasting this year because of it. And for the very first time, I spent millions of (my own) money just for a doctor and lab test. Cry.

Then I drove 800 km to Sumatra and another 800 km back to Bandung. As per tradition, my family and I went to grandma’s home in Batu Raja, South Sumatra. In this year, I was the main driver with my brother in law as back-up. I still had sick that time, but I enjoyed it.

I got the best team ever. Once I said to my friend, that being here, in this department, with this team, could be one of my mother’s answered pray; surrounded by intelligent, passionate and supportive people, who have a great sense of humor —then which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

And not to mention, I got paid for what I love HAHA. I can’t believe someone wants to pay me for blogging and posing in photoshoot session WKWK. It’s not a big money, but I am still thankful.

Mama went to hajj. I realized even with capable caretaker like my grandma, life without mama, even for a short amount of time, can be really difficult. We missed her so, her whole essence.

When she departed from Bandung, I did cry. I knew I should not be sad but happy that she was doing the special, life-changing pilgrimage. But I was scared something bad would happen to her, scared that I might never see her again. Alhamdulillah she came back safe and sound.

I traveled. Both for working and traveling’s sake. On October, I went to Surabaya and Bandung to share my knowledge about growth hacking with XL Future leaders, and I met a dozen of bright people there. It felt magnificent for me to be back to Surabaya after years —I was really honored.

And to mark my 24th birthday, I went to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand with my friends in five consecutive days. We had pretty much fun in Singapore, a lot of walking and laughing. In Kuala Lumpur, I met up with my college friend, Fauzan, who works there for a while. Phuket was also incredible; clear beaches combined with pleasant karst hill, seafood, and the people!

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Alhamdulillah for all the amazingly wonderful experiences, and also all the heartbreaks that made me stronger and missed opportunities that humbled me down. Thank you for all the new people that I met, for those who left, for all the experience, the ups, and downs.

Let 2017 surprise us. Have another great year ahead!

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