On Conversation

Maybe we had never met before, maybe we had. We could be complete strangers or long-lost friends. You could be a friend of a friend. And I may be attracted to you, or I may not be. But, if I ask you out for movie or coffee —or even if I just followed your account, it means I find you interesting and it would be my pleasure to engage in sincere human contact over conversation with you.

It doesn’t matter what movie or which coffee shop. It could be a run-down stall that serves black coffee with condensed milk, or a fancy cafe that serves a range of coffee with creative yet pretentious names. I’m not a coffee person but that’s okay. We could go to XXI or CGV for movie, or even go to foreign film festival, it really doesn’t matter.

The thing is, I really am not interested in your personal life —your job, love life, your friend. Let’s save that for the second or third date, shall we? I just want to know what makes you tick, what is your passion? Do you like to read? Cool, recommend me some books and I’ll throw in some other books that I think you would like to read. You’re into film? Great! Because I’m a complete fool when it comes to films, so do educate me. And music? There has got to be one artist, one band, or one song that we both like. We can create a collaborative playlist on Spotify later.

What do you think about Jakarta? Have you ever been to Bandung? What do you feel about the city? Do you like to travel? Maybe we can go somewhere together. What interesting thing would you like to do in the near and why? I think some personal stories could be shared here, we can settle for that too, as long as we don’t stop there. Because for me, knowing your passion, your opinion about the world, will only makes knowing about your personal life more interesting.

So what do you think? How about coffee some time?

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