It’s a little bit awkward that I write this while having you sleep right behind me – (11/12/2014)

Dear dwita, this year is a big year for both of us. We both are finishing our studies and thus we both are starting something new. A new direction, new experiences, and new stories to share. And so is in the coming year.

I know, the tensions are high, there would be so much uncertainty and insecurity. But remember, never push yourself way too hard, darl. Just like what I wrote in ‘Jeda’; you should lay low for awhile.

Dear Dwita, today you are 21 years old. You are young, we are young and we still have a long, hard, and painful path that we must take. It will be painful, it will be heartbreaking, it will be tiring but today we have each other to share the burden.

Happy birthday, Witto. I wish you love, beauty, and greatness for the many years to come. And may your life be filled with the endless beauty of the universe.

With love and light, 

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