Eps. 25

Today, I just want to let you know that I’m proud of you. Not because of the things that people compliment you on from what they can see of you, but because of those that they don’t see. Those things that matter the most, and yet no one ever noticed and complimented on.

For being so responsible in facing all the decisions that you have picked in your life despite the fact that many of them look more like a mess now. For being so strong in adapting to your problems and trying to solve them all alone. Nobody realises what things you have been through.

For being so positive about everything that has happened in your life, that you refuse to complain and talk any problems you faced because you don’t want to bring any negativity to other people. You don’t even want to put too much thought about it yourself, because you don’t want to waste your energy on things that are bad for you.

For being so mature in handling all the hard times that people normally do when they reach certain age, and yet, life has given you so much earlier than it supposed to. But you don’t complain. Because you know that as long as some things do not kill you, they only make you stronger.

For being so kind to other people around you that you always want to please them and give so much effort to make them happy, until you forget to make yourself happy. For being so brave in battling your own fear and doing what you are afraid of. For being so mature that you can keep smiling, laughing, and even make jokes of your own problems.

And most of all, I thank you for not giving up. I thank you for keep trying to stand by your own feet. I thank you for always trying to be a better person. I thank you for not changing yourself into someone you are not. I thank you for all the effort to make me stay alive.

Happy birthday, A!

8 thoughts on “Eps. 25

  1. Huaaa agung sudah besar :’)
    semoga makin segalagalanya yang baik-baik, tetap jadi pribadi yang sederhana ya gung..

    selamat ulang tahun, ganteng!

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