On Being an Xtra Achiever

I note this as a special occasion post, so I will do it in English.

It was last Friday when my uh-so-great-and-lovely team was gathered to something called Uncommon Friday meet up. Basically, Uncommon Friday was HR program which used to happen every month, but I don’t know, seems like they don’t run it anymore, no?

The purpose of our soccer-themed-Uncommon-Friday was to announce several awards to the team member; Xtra Fast is for them who never come late which definitely not me, Xtra Collaborative is of course for the most collaborative individual, and the last one is Xtra Achiever.

with my filipino GM ~

I was not expecting that I’d be one of the awardees. Well.. perhaps being one of the nominees is acceptable. But an Xtra Achiever? I mean, look at them, they are the best people you can find in this company (I guess); work passionately, goal getter, and work heartily.

“You deserve it, four of us (3 managers and 1 general managers) has agreed to choose you without any doubt. Congrats!”

On the next day, I came up with a question to myself; did I really deserve it? I tried to flashback what I have done in this team for the last 5 months. You know, sometimes it feels so wrong when I get something I feel like I don’t deserve.

best team evaa~
best team evaa~

Good for me, after several minutes pondering I figured out that I’m good enough as an individual and team member to be an Xtra Achiever. I was born to be a damn perfectionist, that’s why I never do something half-hearted, or half-baked; I will make sure everything that come from my hand are the best thing I can give. And helping people is my pleasure, I will help them as much as I can. Sounds so narcissistic, right? But that’s the truth, and figuring it out makes me feel better now, HAHA weird~

I remembered, way back to my first month with this team, I said to my friends who asked me about my new role and team; “I think I can running well here, I will running fast; as fast as I can, cause I feel like I’ve found the right track that fits my running style, and also these people are great at running too”. Five months later, I proved what I’ve said with this award. Teehee 😀

Thank you for all my leaders, and my team, yay! I will keep doing my best :heart:


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